The beginning of the Year 2022

     What better way to start the new year than with a dip in the sea.  There was a real feeling of camaraderie when I joined in jumping the somewhat rough waves with a group of people already enjoying the sea.  I must confess to being somewhat alarmed when a big wave knocked me off my feet and the breath out of me.  Nonetheless, I left the beach, damp but happy.  My poor husband was also damp as the tide came in a bit too far, too suddenly, catching us by surprise as I was changing.  It gave the onlookers something to enjoy!  Thankfully, the annual Viennese Concert was able to be performed in front of a live audience.  I love this annual feast of colour, music, dancing and flowers.

     The new year continued to get off to a good start with an outing to the cinema to enjoy the new version of West Side Story.  Stephen Spielberg has gone a great job!  The lead characters were amazing and well cast.  The costumes, dancing and music surpassed expectations and the whole story was told in a darker, more authentic way than in the 1961 film, yet still exuberant.  Every second of the film counted and was not to be missed.

     And the week included for me a return to work.  It felt good.  I am not ready to retire although it was hard to get out of a warm bed when there was ice on the car windscreen….a challenging return.  I came home feeling revitalised and young from having ‘been to work’.  Interesting.

     The ending of this first full week saw a return to swimming in a local pool and a walk on Dartmoor.  This latter was as wet as the pool from the recent heavy rain resulting in streams where once were footpaths.  Hopefully, these glimpses of normality will become normal once again.

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