w/e 16 January 2022

     A hearty start to the week with a delicious treat of a meal out in a local Beefeater restaurant to celebrate a birthday.  At least we had earned this with an early morning swim on the same day.

     Tuesday saw me reach ridiculous levels of excitement when, at long last, the issue of a magazine, ‘Yours’, was out containing a story of mine.  It had quite a high profile as the story was part of a Marie Curie campaign to highlight their work.  I felt very proud.  And excited.  Ridiculously Excited.

     A couple of days at work soon calmed me down and brought me back to Earth though.

     Upon meeting an old friend, I was struck by the difference between two emerging groups in this strange Post Pandemic world.  Those of the Fearless and the Fearful.  My friend was reluctant to commit to agreeing to meet indoors although had been on a cruise.  Other friends are similar in their illogical approach to life.  I feel saddened and a little bit adrift in this new world.  So much has changed in the last couple of years in everyone’s life as well as in the world around so it will be a while before we are all adjusted to the so-called New Normal.  It is going to be different for different people for a very long time.

     At last, the skies cleared for a view of the stars, with a bonus fleeting glimpse of a meteor.  However, my enthusiasm was dampened by the brightness of the Moon…

     Joy of joys!  The snowdrops are out once again.  And many more bulbs are peeping through the soil.

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