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February 2022 Prima: Star Letter 🙂

Look out for another story in ‘Yours’ coming shortly in February.  Due 8 February.

‘Yours’ Magazine Issue No. 393 out 11 January 2022.  Proud to see a story of mine in there.

There are video recordings of the space adventure series available to enjoy via Karen’s YouTube channel.



The Orion chapter in ‘A stroll through the stars’ will be appearing as a guest essay in a book about the constellation by Andrew Openheimer later in 2021.  NOW OUT DECEMBER 2021

A Stroll through the Stars

A gentle guide to observable astronomy designed to whet your appetite for enjoying the darker skies.  The book is a refined compilation of the talks and presentations I have given over the years.  It is available for £10 plus pp via the contact form or my Facebook page.

Beyond the Horizon

With all the buzz about space just now, a book of space adventures containing real people not aliens and sprinkled with facts and information about the Moon and the planets in our solar system.

You can find it on Amazon.

Window to the Stars

A short story based on an open evening at the Norman Lockyer Observatory with Danny, Peter and Lucy as presenters (from Beyond the Horizon). Some information about the telescope is given along with some about Jupiter.

You can find it on Amazon.

Other publications

Essay about Orion to be published in Andy Oppenheimer’s book which is due out in December 2021

Short story (Lost…) to be published in Yours magazine 2021

Short story (The Interview) published in July 2020 issue of Prima magazine

Contributor to new St Thomas community newsletter 2020

Weekly column in Express and Echo (2011)  (This followed the journey from the trauma of relocation to having fun in Devon).

For Sale: Baby Shoes Never Worn – anthology edited by Hache L Jones for Make a Wish Foundation 2017

Karen and a talented illustrator are collaborating on a new book project.  Katie’s website is well worth taking a look at: