About Karen

Over the years, Karen has worked in a variety of situations ranging from Personal Secretary to Washer Up and Cake Maker in a local cafe. As a Teaching Assistant she worked successfully with children and adults with learning difficulties, receiving praise for having a natural empathy and achieving good results.  This experience is drawn upon in the manner in which she shares her knowledge, through writing and talks.  Karen is deemed to be friendly and enterprising and usually manages to find a challenge to involve herself locally and to earn a living.   Upon being relocated to Devon, she used her role as a school governor to restart a parent teacher association in Honiton.  There she established links between the school and the community.   Until Autumn last year,   Karen ran a group for younger members of the Norman Lockyer Observatory.  She is a trained telescope presenter and enjoys helping at open days, explaining to visitors the history of the Lockyer telescope. 

In the space adventure stories, the three intrepid heroes, Lucy, Danny and Peter, have fun and adventures as they explore the planets.  Nuggets of information are contained within the stories.

Karen has provided a beginner’s guide to stargazing which is currently being revised.  Watch this Space…

Alongside the space activities, Karen is working hard at writing a series of stories involving Peter and his new friend, Maldwyn the Welsh inquisitive Mouse.