About Karen

Space adventure stories (Beyond the Horizon) take the characters to each of the main planets.  Nuggets of information are contained within the easy-to-read and enjoyable stories. Beyond the Horizon is all about planets, while Window to the Stars explores the historic Lockyer telescope with information about Jupiter. The three intrepid heroes, Lucy, Danny and Peter, have fun and adventures as they explore the planets, and are currently exploring Planet Earth…watch this space!

Over the years, Karen has worked in a variety of situations ranging from Personal Secretary to Washer Up and Cake Maker in a local cafe. She has worked successfully with children and adults with learning difficulties, receiving praise for having a natural empathy. It was as a teaching assistant that the first story in Beyond the Horizon book was aired. Intelligent, friendly and with a good sense of humour, Karen is deemed to be enterprising and usually manages to find a challenge to involve herself locally and to earn a living. Every Friday sees Karen presenting a variety of information combined with a practical activity to group of young observers.