To the End of the Year

     It felt good to enjoy a life affirming dip in the sea a couple of days before Christmas.  This was followed by a hearty lunch with Roy and his son.  I was amused at being escorted to and from the beach by two hulking rugby men while I was the one who braved the waves in a swimming cossie…We had all been to the beach a few days prior to this final swim of the year when Roy’s son kindly treated us to a pub lunch (I appreciated being able to change in the pub’s warm facilities before lunch though!).  End of year dips to wash the year away.

     Christmas Eve saw the arrival of my son and the world was at rest for a day or so.  The roads were quiet with people out walking or driving to collect relatives.  I collected Mum and had a quick breath of sea air after I had returned her in the evening.  The Queen’s Christmas speech was one of her best  – I totally agreed with her comments when she remarked that many people say Christmas is for children, yet it is for all of us, for the child inside us, to be childlike in our enjoyment of family, friends and fun.  Personally, I love to see trees in homes decorated with lights and ornaments old and new.

     Arriving home on Boxing Day from a delicious lunch with friends, I was surprised and delighted to find a bag hanging from the front door containing a gift of a replacement Maldwyn.  My clever friend also had made a delightful companion for the little mouse.

     The short spells of daylight and the unpredictable weather together with not many places open mean more time indoors, sitting.  Weekends with loved ones at any other time of year include outings, sitting outside, visiting places not intense visits from one sitting room to another.  No wonder it is stressful and tiring.  Everyone has different tastes in music, films, and widely differing views on the issues of the day to boot!  Left to our devices, no doubt many would hole up with a good film, or music or book and a big mug of comfort.

     However, I am delighted to say that my own experience was one of warmth and love, with visits to and from family, friends, in-laws and exes.  Highlights include an evening listening to Stephen Sondheim’s music which brought back happy memories of all the shows my son had been involved in while at university and a walk and shopping trip with my daughter. 

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