w/e 19 December

     Cake of various sorts featured a lot this week!  At each final session at work there were mince pies…although, interestingly, these were left in favour of biscuits (homemade) or chocolate log and mincemeat muffins.  These latter are a great favourite of mine and seemingly becoming a firm favourite addition to my repertoire.

     At last, the Stella Maris Trio were able to perform once more with my cakes being proffered as refreshment at the end.  The mincemeat muffins disappeared swiftly while people chatted about the evening.  As ever, the Trio were magnificent in their skills, presentation, professionalism and, above all, their friendliness towards each other and the audience.  It made a welcome interlude amidst all the pandemic panic and a gentle introduction to the week before Christmas.  Not that all the music was thoughtful – Sam’s new compositions were a lively rendition of some familiar themes.  Iryna performed some powerfully emotional pieces from the Messiah while Vicky showed us how much her studies had improved her already awesome soprano voice.  The conversation and refreshments after the performance are part of the event and greatly enjoyed by all.  It was lovely to see some familiar faces.  The previous concert had been in January 2020.  The wait for this next one has been a long one for all of us.  Cake and Music – what a great combination 😊

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