December musings

December Musings

     Not just the end of the year but the end of a decade and the beginning of another one.  Ten years ago, I climbed the rigging of a small Tall Ship and celebrated the new year at the splendid Devon Hotel.  These events are still fresh in my mind while my body has shown that it still has some strength in it as one foot underwent a huge operation three years’ ago to remove some arthritis while the other one had to hop.  The hopping took   toll on that foot but I am mobile and looking forward to walking on Dartmoor once again.  The NHS are kindly providing new shoes after a lengthy and unsuccessful attempt on my part to find shoes which would take my feet and the orthotics.  I look forward to the year ahead with some trepidation and excitement, and hope for us all that it is a peaceful one.

     Christmas is an emotional time, especially this year which has seen so many heavy losses to us personally and to people we know.  I hope you enjoy this poem I penned on Boxing Day:

Christmas is for children

so some folks say

perhaps this is so

Hope for the future is

babe in a Manger

light in the darkness

carols and cake

treats in a tree



dreams of times past

of times yet to be

turkey and stuffing

feeling stuffed to the brim

endless cooking

endless cleaning

and the rest

pies in places best not mentioned

being with family

family time

with people

whose lives interweave

who once were strangers

now are friends

fathers, mothers

sisters, brothers

far flung sons

far flung daughters

flying homeward

Christmas is hope

is love

is healing

is a pause in the busyness of life

The present is holding on

throughout the year

to the peace that comes at


Greetings for the New Year from

Karen Hedges

Boxing Day 2019

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