Monthly Musing for November

     November.  Yes, it felt like November.  Bright autumn colours, rustling leaves and in tune with Greenwich Mean Time.  I like the clocks going back to the natural rhythm.  Is it natural?  Joan Bakewell, in the I paper, argued the case for the clocks remaining ‘forward’ so we could enjoy the golden afternoons.  In these days of around-the-clock artificial light there is indeed less need for natural daylight during ‘normal’ working hours for farmers and others who need to get up early.  Indeed, many jobs require people to get up earlier than the sun other than outside farm work.

     It was a month for catching up with friends old and new.  The winter months generally are great for catch ups in warm, cosy pubs in the shorter daylight days.  The long summer days are ideal for trips to the moors, to the coast and for summer evenings outside.

     In my bid to support local libraries, I have come across Reginald Hill’s wonderful non-Dalziel and Pascoe novels.  They far surpass the stories containing the popular duo in that his writing is tighter and the characters come vividly and compassionately to life.  I cannot put them down.  I enjoy the D&P ones and like to see the TV adaptations but these others, well, I want to read them all.  The one I have dragged myself away from to write this is “The Woodcutter”, following hotly on the heels of “The Long Kill”.  Not to mention, “Deadheads”…a real treat for gardeners…

     Coming from a background of doing everything with one’s husband, my Mum is doing her best to adapt to a future life on her own and has booked an exciting holiday for next spring.  It reminded me that my generation are so fortunate to have access to various groups via the internet.  Indeed, I am profoundly grateful to a group I came across while going through my divorce in Honiton.  We all rallied around to help each other out in whatever way was needed at the time.  And it showed me that I (nor anyone for that matter) need not struggle on alone as help was always available if one looked for and asked for it.  In Exeter there are a great many groups to appeal to any age and interest and through the local community group on Facebook, I am making new friends and enjoying local meet ups and events.  The latest one was an international shared lunch with belly dancing and music and craft to follow.

     Looking slightly ahead to the month of buying gifts…I shall be at a craft fair in Woodbury next week with my books and other things.  The All About Space magazine did indeed include by books in its gift guide and, excitingly, I had my photograph taken with the magazine where it was on sale in WH Smiths.

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