w/e 5 December 2021

Monday Motivation was achieved by marching along with the Clangers to some wonderful Clangery marching music.  I’ll try anything to keep moving and motivated when it’s too chilly for my evening walk.  An exercise video from the Clangers would be fantastic!

     Upon stalling at traffic lights one morning, I was reminded of the benefits of the old manual choke facility.  The choke process would alert you to the fact that your engine was still cold whereas the modern automatic system lets the car ‘switch off’ at traffic lights thus meaning you have to take off from cold.  And thus prone to a stalled engine.  Some may say prone to driver error as I should have realised it would take longer for the engine to respond to the compression on the clutch.

     With a break in the cold weather on Friday, I took the opportunity of plunging into the sea…up to my waist.  It was soooo cold.  The recent storms had shifted the deeper colder water to the top.  Reluctantly, I did not have my much longed-for swim and enjoyed an extra paddle.  The air was humid and mild which meant meandering around in my swimsuit was not unpleasant.  In fact, it was less cold than the previous time I had swum, although on that occasion the water had been bearable.

     However, I soon warmed up with the excitement of receiving an author copy of a book by a fellow astronomer containing a chapter written by me.  To say I was beside myself with excitement, is an understatement. 

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