w/e 21 November 2021

     A somewhat chilly sea swim helped with the emotional rollercoaster of a week in which the sadness of stillbirth affected a friend.  The horrendous nature of this and the immense grief can only be imagined.  ‘Thinking of you’ says you are not alone.  Inadequate as it seems, it is an important message.

     Emergence from the water into pleasant sunshine helped assuage the chillness in my toes.  If only I could wear warm waterproof socks!  The next day was chilly and damp and there was a cool, brisk breeze today.  There were some stalwart swimmers in bathing suits, but the majority wore wetsuits to swim further out in the bay.

     A Winter Market enlivened the local area on Saturday with a great atmosphere of warm friendship and interest in what everyone had created.  I was there with a range of my books and enjoyed conversing with people I had not seen for ages.  Everyone seemed elated at being outdoors and with people once more.  Fantastic entertainment was provided by the Exeter Taiko Drummers. 

     While enjoying a repeat of a programme from the Proms Season, the heady days of Honiton Pantomime were relived in my mind as I sang along to “Another opening to another show”.  ‘Kiss Me Kate’ had been performed as part of the Proms and was an exuberant performance. 

     And the evening ended with an email responding positively to a book submission. 

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