Writers’ Workshop and beyond…

     Attendance at a recent one-day Writers’ Workshop provided a welcome boost to morale regarding my short stories when one came third in a competition, while another entry attracted a lot of stickers, placing it in the top third of entries for the ‘first page of a novel’ competition.  Next January, the fortnightly magazine, ‘Yours’ are publishing a short story about dementia and have also sent me a shopping voucher for my letter about the joys of discovering ravioli in the 1970s. 

     In contrast to last year’s birthday celebratory sea swim, I spent the day at work, bolstered by a supply of cakes.  I was planning on a swim the following afternoon while I was in Exmouth but the sea was choppy, the breeze was chilly and I was chicken.  Exmouth sea front has been revamped beyond all recognition since I was last there.  There were lots of water sport places and places to eat.  I do not say cafes because I do not know what the places are like.  The main beach café where you could pop in trailing dogs, children and sand has gone, as has the boating lake and model railway.  Where the sand dunes once were is now a wide promenade for walkers and cyclists.  The overall impression was one of bleakness. 

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