Blog of the Week of Change

     Sipping my coffee in the warm sunshine, I reflected on how much better I was feeling.  My eyes were not strained and dry, I did not feel stiff from sitting for long periods of time and I was comfortably warm: not too hot, and not too cold.  My finances may be taking a tumble as my hours at work have steadily decreased from 7.5 to 1.5 but my health is better.  My mind can ramble as I flit between Work and work.  The latter is completing a book project which will be launched in October; it will happen as a date has been set and I am more than half way through.  The bliss of being able to add a paragraph or two when an idea comes to mind is beyond compare.  Bored easily, I thrive on switching between tasks, not that awful ‘multitasking’ but properly concentrating on something before properly concentrating on something different.

     Monday was a bit grim as we were sent home, duly laden with laptops.  As I have been setting up a new position, I felt uneasy as to whether I would actually have a job.  I hadn’t taken on any of the new workload to any great extent.  However, Tuesday was a jolly day spent grabbling with the laptop and its intermittent attempts to connect with the overloaded internet.  IT were helpful and I said they deserved much praise.  Unsung heroes if ever there were any – all focus being on underpaid or unpaid careworkers this week.

     Wednesday was beyond woeful as I clasped my mobile to me everywhere I went, just in case some work was needed.  I needed therapy.  I needed fresh air so gave up after lunch and planted some potatoes.  This task has been long overdue because of the relentless rain there has been.  It also made me aware of sounds.  The sounds of old-fashioned summer days with the chatter and laughter of children outside, radios from open-windowed houses.  Looking out of an upstairs window, it could have been an old-fashioned Monday with washing hung out on lines to dry in the warm, breezy air.  If ever there was a time for spring cleaning, this was it. 

     By Thursday morning, I felt less paranoid and decided to spend the first couple of hours either at work or on call for it.  After that I would check emails regularly, but not too frequently!  Lettuce seeds were planted today and stories emailed off to magazines.  My day has some structure as I take and collect Roy in order to minimise his risks – of bugs from buses and stress from non-existent buses.  There is a reduced timetable of transport and, as there are no buses before 7am anyway from here, there is no change to our morning routine.  Well, not in terms of getting up and driving to the hospital.  A massive change for me has been the extra time available to do a yoga practice instead of rushing for the bus…which sometimes connects with the appropriate onward bus and sometimes it doesn’t.  My own journey to work is fraught with uncertainty.  Usually.  Now, I just go upstairs when I’m ready.  Retirement seems less daunting now. 

     There was time and energy left over to look outside in the evening.  Betelgeuse is on its way to becoming a supernova so worth taking a look before the Hunter heads off for the summer.  It is far to the west now.  The big red star looked brighter but it could have been due to the clear dark skies for once.

     Friday I deemed to be a day for winding down for the weekend so finished off the outstanding Work tasks and get on down to some serious paperwork sorting of my own.  Today, Saturday, has more hours as I don’t need to go shopping nor do I wish to.  The day will be spent alternating between that book project and cleaning the kitchen.  I shall have the afternoon off 😊

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