December. A gloomy poem for the gloomy dark days.


Lonely man clutching a bottle
for a prop, a friend
Rain lashed faces
hiding tears, hiding fears
of loneliness, of pain
of longing for times past
Grey days
The dark days before the Joy
of Christmas Day
of days lengthening
of tears in seeing loved ones near
in flesh
or faces smiling in my mind

Remembering times past
of happy times
tears of joy
When paper bedecked ceilings, walls,
wrapping itself snugly around us all
with love
Party games and party hats
Can anyone balance those plates on sticks?
And what about oranges and coal?
That hefty weight upon the bed
Feet wriggling with delight

Christmas began on Christmas Eve
and carried us through to Twelfth Night
No surfeit of delight
Eager mouths
enjoying treats
Yes, but for a day
Not a month
or more
like now.

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