July Notes

July Notes
Reminiscent of 1976, the heat is scorching…and I am so glad to be working in the Subterranean Area of the local council offices…which continue to be fun and a great conversation opener with other members of staff! Although I am only a temp member (albeit a long term one) I feel valued and very much part of the team. I work with a great bunch of people and the environment has proved to be of inspiration for some eerie stories. It is an absolutely fascinating place as there are remnants of the Cold War civil defence set up very much in evidence. Each room is connected to a ventilation shaft and there are still the shelves where radios were set up; one still has the connecting electrics.
As it is only a short walk to the seafront, Roy and I have indulged in a beach picnic as well as fish and chips after work rounded off with a stroll through the lovely grounds. Free parking, a sea view from the main office…living the dream at last! And loads of bunnies in the cool of the morning sunshine.
Steam featured heavily in a very pleasant couple of days spent with my son. We started off with the railway from Corfe to Swanage riding in both steam and diesel trains. It was hot. It was sunny. It was glorious and much better than sweltering on the beach like so many other people.
The following day we continued our SteamFest with an outing to the Lakeside Steam Railway in Southampton. During the second trip we took a break at the Lake Halt to have a walk around part of the lake and enjoy some shade. The track could be used either as 7” or 10”.
And, to round off the excitement of July, Roy and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary with a Cream Tea and a day out in Dartmoor. We explored the route from the A38 towards Widecombe, taking in a few tors along the way. We even walked up one of them.

And one day I will learn how to include images…

One week later…here is a picture of the miniature railway:

and the view from my office:

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