….audience enthralled!

about to give a talk...

My talk about the history of the Norman Lockyer Observatory and a brief biography of Norman himself was very well received by an audience of about 15 in my local library. I also gave them some astronomy highlights such as the flyby of Jupiter, sizes of stars and some info about the Moon. One member of the audience actually put the Lockyer telescope back together in the 1990s and has a box of minutes relating to the period. I encouraged him to take these to John Ponsford. He said he would bring them to the Astronomy Fair on 13 August. Many friendly faces were in the audience – a nice lady from church and who sees me at the Mint in my Reception role plus two others from U3A, Sue from Tuesday Fellowship (who would like me to give a talk), Iryna from Stella Maris Trio and Roy with Gareth and Amy. Plus Dad and a Daughter from church who is a space enthusiast. Great time. Exhausted….

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