Preview of brand new story…

Extract 1

His eyes kept being drawn to the terrible eyeball at the window…what a size the creature must be to have an eye that size.  He prepared himself for the long slow haul up to the surface.  Hopefully, he would see other, less terrible, creatures on the way back up.  He had no wish to go any further down – it was claustrophobic apart from him not wishing to be a meal for some odd creature who relished the dark depths of this mysterious abyss.  He had no wish to return empty handed though and prepared his camera for the work ahead.

Extract 2

The silence hit Lucy as she stepped outside the little Research Station.  Total silence.  Total whiteness.  Total isolation.  There was nowhere to go outside of the comfort zone of the confines of the base for the research scientists.  Nowhere that is except for more snow covered land.  Lucy hugged herself in excitement as she caught a glimpse of movement in the distance.  Penguins!   All sorts of types and shapes and sizes.  There were thousands of them.  Peter shouted over to her to join them on the sled.  There was no sound of huskies barking excitedly in these days of motorised sleds.  She trudged as quickly as she could in her thick boots over to where Peter was waiting.  Grinning in excitement, Peter helped her onto the sled and they sped over the lumpy snow towards the penguins.  Slowing down as they neared them, they stopped the machines and edged their way forward on foot scarcely daring to breathe.  Peter slowly and carefully lifted his camera to his eyes and took a long distance view of the spectacular scene in front of them.  He then adjusted the lens and continued moving towards the incredibly noisy, increasingly smelly, and unbelievably exciting crowd of creatures huddled in groups ahead of them.  It was just before the time when the young ones would waddle to the sea, arms akimbo for balance, and swim for their lives.  They had enjoyed a precious few weeks being fed before it was time for them to fend for themselves.

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