The Bird Watcher

The Bird Watcher “It’s there again”, her daughter shouted through from her vantage point at the front room window. She joined her and watched as a seagull cocked its head on one side, looking to the left and right as it did so. “I’m scared, Mum.” “Don’t be silly, it’s just scavenging for food, that’s …

Giant Squid

Looking forward to completing my third book tomorrow and inserting all sorts of pictures - some of my photos, some from the internet and, best of all, the picture my daughter has painted of the giant creature Peter encounters in the Deep Marianas Trench! Local library wants to know more about my talk...aargh. Panic. Not …

Planet stories

'Beyond the Horizon' is available in hard copy as well as AmazonKindle thanks to my publisher Peglets in Honiton.   Please contact me if you would like one  (£4.99 plus £1.50 pp).   Window to the Stars is a little story about my favourite historic telescope, the Lockyer, which has been well received by a group of …

Planet Earth

Tim Peake's glorious photographs of Planet Earth are being lapped up by everyone who sees them. My next book 'Meet the Aliens' is due out this Summer and takes the characters to Earth in the same manner that they visited the other planets in the Solar System.


I have read the Letter to a Spaceman penned by astronaut Tim Peake and drafted a letter to Puffin and European Space Agency in the hope they may be able to guide me to an agent to handle my books.  It is so frustrating as I know there is a market for my little stories.